Gov. Andy Beshear 3/17/20 News Conference

Gov. Andy Beshear

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hair salons, gyms, theaters and other public facing businesses must close by 5 p.m. Wednesday to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Andy Beshear said.

Exempt businesses include those that provide essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations, laundromats, vet clinics, hotels, food processors, auto and home repair businesses, post offices, warehousing and distribution and pharmacies. Those businesses can stay open, Beshear said, but they must practice social distancing.

Some local businesses, like the Logan Street Market, say they're taking the necessary steps to remain open for the community. Most are limiting contact with customers, practicing social distancing and sanitizing frequently.

Aside from providing essential resources for everyday life, Logan Street Market Director Sara Height said it also provides some calm in the midst of the pandemic.

"In difficult times like this we all need to come together and pitch in our part to help how we can," Height mentioned. "Other than the nutrition that we're providing here, it's also the normalcy of this is our community market and we are here for all of us."

Logan Street Market's grocery store remains open and other vendors are working to provide curbside pickup before the end of the week.

Pharmacies are one of many essential services staying open, too. 

For Hume Pharmacy, closing is just not an option.

"As a community pharmacy, an independent pharmacy, it's just not something that crosses our minds," said Morgan Andrews, owner of Hume Pharmacy in Jefffersontown. "We know what we mean to people and we would never close. It's just not anything that we've thought about."

While there are several Kentuckiana businesses that will remain open, Beshear said that businesses that encourage public congregation, or which by the nature of their service cannot comply with social distancing, must cease their operations by 5 p.m. Wednesday. That includes, he said, community centers, nail salons, spas, concert venues and sporting event facilities.

Beshear also announced two new positive COVID-19 cases in Kentucky, including one in Jefferson County, bringing the total to 27. However, he also said one of the cases that had previously been listed in Kentucky is actually a New York case with two addresses, meaning Kentucky has an official total of 26 cases.

One of the two new cases is a 74-year-old Jefferson County man, he said. The second new case involves a 69-year-old man in Lyon County.

A 33-year-old woman who lives in New York but tested positive in Lexington is now being counted toward Kentucky's total. As of 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, the state’s COVID-19 patient information includes 27 cases:

  • Bourbon County
    • 66-year-old man (died Sunday)
  • Clark County
    • 49-year-old man
  • Fayette County
    • 40-year-old woman
    • 46-year-old man
    • 31-year-old woman
    • 33-year-old woman (New York resident tested in Lexington)
    • 47-year-old man
    • 31-year-old man
  • Harrison County
    • 27-year-old woman (fully recovered)
    • 67-year-old woman
    • 68-year-old man
    • 54-year-old woman
    • 60-year-old man
    • 51-year-old man
  • Jefferson County
    • 69-year-old man
    • 67-year-old woman
    • 68-year-old woman
    • 80-year-old woman
    • 66-year-old man
    • 73-year-old woman
    • 34-year-old woman
    • 54-year-old man
    • 74-year-old man
  • Lyon County
    • 69-year-old man
  • Montgomery County
    • 56-year-old man
    • 51-year-old man
  • Nelson County
    • 53-year-old man

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