Panther Paws Carroll County High School 3-9-23

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students at Carroll County High School are making four-legged friends happy with some tasty treats. 

Megan Baldwin's class makes bags of dog treats and sells them at Lemon Drop Boutique and Cutting Edge hair salon in Carrollton. The treats come in small, medium and large-sized bags. Ten-ounce bags are sold for $5. The revenue generated goes back to the class to make more treats. 

The group, known as the Panther Paws, started this project last year, and have entered the project in the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) the past two years, and advanced to the state level both times, and again this year as well.

“The Panther Paws community service project provides a great opportunity for our students to really showcase their learning and leadership skills gained while being in the classrooms at Carroll County High School,” Lynn Eaglin, STLP sponsor said. “STLP provides our students with an opportunity to create, implement ideas and showcase project-based learning.” 

Panther Paws is made up of 11 students: Nate Hoover, Mady Duncan, Hillary Tolliver, Brooklyn Massey, Giotto Cobb, Natalee Sachleben, Jaylinn Perkinson, Quentin Mitchell, Cole Crawford, Larissa Redden and Atyan Garcia. They work throughout the school year whipping up the dog treats, which the group estimates has made 1,000 treats.

"We've made a lot," Cold Crawford, a Panther Paws member, said.

The ingredients are simple: flour, peanut butter and beef broth. Crawford said his favorite part is mixing up the ingredients. 

In addition to making the dog treats, Panther Paws is also collecting blankets for dogs to be donated to local animal shelters. To donate a blanket, you can drop them off at the high school's office.

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