Super Scoopers make it their 'doody' to clean up after your pets

The Super Scoopers make it their “doody” to clean up after your pets.  Allison Chesser drives door-to-door, or lawn-to-lawn with her rake and pale. Rain, snow or shine, she walks in a zigzag line through the backyards of Louisville.

“The dogs are going to poop all year long, so we are going to scoop all year long,” Chesser said.

Dog owners call the Super Scoopers for three reasons. They're too busy to scoop their own lawns, they physically can't scoop it themselves, or maybe they have more than one dog and it just piles up.

“One of our initial scoops, the person had six dogs, and they hadn't scooped in about a month,” Chesser said. “That yard was covered. Thirty-three gallons of waste came out of the yard.”

She says pet owners have a responsibility to scoop their yards. If the smell isn't enough motivation, feces can attract rats.

“Even if you don't scoop with us, scoop your yard,” she said. “It is so important for the environment. The EPA considers dog waste a pollutant. It's really bad for our waterways and attracts critters into your yard.”

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