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Contract with Viewers


  1. We will not hype our product, and our promotion will always be truthful. We will strive to present reporting that is bias free.

  2. We will seek to minimize harm to the people who are the subject of our stories.

  3. Weather reporting will be calm and rational -- never sensational. During severe weather, we will tell you what you need to know for your safety without monopolizing your television.

  4. We will set our own standards and not mimic or copy our competition.

  5. We will not use the term "breaking news" as we believe this to be merely a marketing ploy. We believe the relationship viewers have with their television station should not begin with deception.

  6. We will strive to use our viewers' time wisely -- each story will teach, inform, entertain or resolve or it will not air.

  7. We will strive to be first but never at the expense of being right.

  8. We will serve this community we love with a passion.

  9. We believe that complete and accurate information, taken in context, is a cornerstone of a democratic society.

  10. We will oppose any attempt by government or individuals to curb the free flow of information to the people.