LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There isn't much to fuss about with Kentucky's home game Saturday against Youngstown State.

The Penguins are an ambitious group but they're an FCS program many years beyond their glory days. They're little threat to come into Kroger Field and topple the No. 9 Wildcats.

But here is another angle being pitched as a threat to the joy raging around UK football: Mark Stoops looks like just the guy to fix the sagging, bewildered program at Nebraska, which is so sagging and bewildered that the Cornhuskers fired alumnus Scott Frost after an embarrassing home loss to Georgia Southern Saturday.

Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com listed Stoops as his No. 1 candidate at Nebraska. Pat Forde of Sport Illustrated included Stoops on his list, too. At The Athletic, Chris Vannini mentioned Stoops as a possibility.

But his sidekick, Bruce Feldman, did not.

Neither should you.

For Stoops, Kentucky is a better job than Nebraska. And it isn't close.

I could provide a dozen reasons. These three will do:

1. Kentucky Football is Mark Stoops.

When you've carved your name above Bear Bryant as the program icon while becoming its winningest coach and you just turned 55 years old, you've created something special that you'll never find in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You've changed the mindset around Kentucky football. You've been a legitimate difference maker. How many coaches can say that?

You've made it a place that expects to win eight or more games every season. You have raised the expectation from going to bowl games to winning bowl games.

You've got Florida fans muttering about what they need to do to catch up to Kentucky.

You're making nearly $6.4 million with only a slice of the pressure that any other coach at your pay grade confronts.

You've established your brand as a program that wins with muscle and tenacity. You've established your recruiting mojo as a more appealing option for Midwest kids that used to sign with Michigan State, Penn State or even Michigan.

Yet, you've still got more to achieve.

Georgia, the defending national champion as well as the nation's top-ranked team in the current Associated Press poll, sits in your division.

There's your target. Missouri, Tennessee and Florida have all shown they can win the SEC East. Why can't Stoops and Kentucky?

2. Nebraska Might Be Unfixable

There was a time that Nebraska was miles ahead of Kentucky as a football job, but that was before the Cornhuskers turned on Frank Solich and his winning percentage of better than 75%. That was before Nebraska made the strange hire of Bill Callahan. That was before the Cornhuskers told Bo Pelini that a 67-27 record wasn't good enough.

(For the record, Stoops improved his UK record to 61-53 by winning at Florida on Saturday. Compare that to Pelini for a second.)

Nebraska has tried every hiring strategy while attempting to find the next Tom Osborne: Loyal assistant (Solich); NFL ties (Callahan); hot coodinator (Pelini); winner elsewhere (Mike Riley) and famous alum (Frost).

None of it has worked, and Osborne quit in 1997.

Why? The Cornhuskers have a dreadful recruiting footprint. They're a strange, uncomfortable and sometime unwelcome fit in the Big Ten and their expectations are unreasonable.

Why mess with that?

You say Nebraska is desperate to pay a fortune and has donors willing to crank out NIL deals to lift recruiting?

Stoops can use that kind of leverage in Lexington to keep showing the rest of the nation and the basketball coach down the hall that Kentucky actually can be a Football School.

3. You Don't Leave The Southeastern Conference

I've also heard the argument that playing in the Big Ten West would give Stoops an easier path to fly into the playoffs.

Maybe last year. Maybe this year. The shape of college football is to be determined.

There are no guarantees moving forward. The playoff will expand to a dozen teams, perhaps as soon as 2024. There will plenty of opportunities for a handful of SEC teams every season once that happens.

For all the chatter about the Big Ten's new media deal and its expansion into Los Angeles with UCLA and USC, the SEC remains the most prestigious address in college football.

Nebraska has become a fixer-upper in a league that still has to prove it can pull even with the SEC. Stoops has a terrific job in a terrific league.

There's no reason to trade Kentucky for Nebraska. In 2022, it's no longer an upgrade.

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