LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Fixing electrical issues around your home does not always warrant a call to an electrician.

Follow these easy tips from Brownsboro Hardware & Paint for upgrading electrical outlets, light switches and lamps.

Before you do any electrical related work make sure you turn off the breaker.

A lot of older homes have two prong outlets. If you are replacing a two-prong outlet, do not replace it with a newer grounded outlet unless you run a ground wire back to the breaker box.

When replacing a grounded plug, there are two sides: one with brass terminals and one with silver terminals. The black wire goes on the brass terminal side. The white wire is the neutral and goes with silver terminal. Finally, the ground wire is green.

Replace old outlets with new outlets of the same amperage.

GFI outlets can sometimes go bad. If the light is out or if it trips the breaker often then then GFI outlet might be bad.

For lights with dimmers, the switch has to match the bulb type.

Have an old lamp laying around? It is easy to turn that old on/off lamp into a 3-way lamp. 3-way light bulbs give lamps three different light settings, most common are 50/100/150 watts.

Start by unplugging the lamp, unscrewing the bulb and removing the harp or bracket that holds the lampshade. To remove the socket itself, look for the word, press on the side. Push on that with your thumb and pop it off. Loosen the terminal screws and remove the wires from the old socket. Then attach the wires to the same terminals on the new socket. Brass goes to brass, silver goes to silver. Finally, replace the socket cover, reattach the shade bracket, screw in the bulb and replace the shade.

Plug the lamp back in and now you've got lighting for just about any mood or occasion.

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