“Fits nicely, quality surpasses what I expected,” one happy customer wrote. Image courtesy via Fox News

(FOX NEWS) -- The only thing better than a onesie is an adult onesie for men.

Social media is having a field day over the pantless top currently available for sale on the e-commerce site

The unique fashion item, traditionally worn by toddlers, is being sold by multiple vendors on the site, which features male models rocking the crotch-hugging onesies. One such item was shared on Instagram by @theshaderoom, which was met with hilarious commentary.

"I'm a match with the baby," one Instagram user commented, while another wrote: "Who asked for this???"

"I would die from laughter if my dude came in with this," one woman commented.

One of the onesies sold by the seller BoutiqueMarket is described as a "Pressed Crotch Baseball Themed Bodysuit Romper Pajamas." The model wearing the onesie does so confidently, as any man would.

The item even came with a five-star review. "Fits nicely, quality surpasses what I expected," one happy buyer wrote in the product's customer reviews section. Still, many online users weren't warming up as quickly to the apparently new fashion trend for men.

"If he gotta unsnap anything other than my bra it's a no for me," one Instagram user said.

"Imagine your man coming home from work and takes off his work pants and you see this foolishness lol," another wrote.

One man, responding to a onesie made to look like a polo shirt, wondered: "What's wrong with just tucking your shirt in?"

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