LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---There's a steady stream of cars traveling along Hillcrest Avenue, and people everywhere you turn.

The decorations are one of the main reasons why people like Beth Biermann and her two grandchildren, Evan and Emily, stop by every year.

"I just think it's a fun thing to do. We do it early. We don't do it on Halloween night because they're little," says Beth Biermann.

However, some neighbors say people may notice fewer Halloween decorations and some changes this year along the busy street.

"Just not as many. I hate that. I do hate that. There's just not as much participation," says Beth Biermann.

Neighbor Jase Robertson says many people have noticed some people are scaling back this year with less decorations, or none at all.

"On Halloween night it's just gotten so crazy, it's an effort to try to tone it back," says Jase Robertson.

"It was like a line at Disney World to get on a ride. It was just like, take a step...wait. Take a step, wait," says Robert Womack, who lives along Hillcrest Avenue.

Last year, neighbors say there were just so many people that there were also some problems.

"There were fights last year. People got arrested. A couple years ago there was a little girl who got hit on Brownsboro Road trying to across onto the street," says Robert Womack.

"Problems with alcohol. Police had to break it up. I think I even saw some street vendors out here, which they definitely didn't have a permit to be here," says Jase Robertson.

That's why, instead of people staying on the street all night, neighbors plan to end the Halloween fun even earlier this year along Hillcrest Avenue.

"A number of the neighbors are trying to scale back and everyone is supposed to shut down at 9:00 this coming Halloween and police are gonna sweep the streets at 8:45," says Jase Robertson.

They're hoping as people stop by the neighborhood to celebrate the holiday, they don't get out of hand forcing more changes next year.

"It's supposed to be fun and not something you need to get aggressive about," says Robert Womack.

Neighbors say they expect 1,500 to 2,000 kids on Halloween.

The people who decorate their homes to chip in money to have off-duty police on hand, just in case something were to happen.

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