LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---It was in mid-October when $26,000 worth of Pappy van Winkle was stolen from Buffalo Trace Distillery and authorities say at least one person has been ruled out.

The search continues to find whoever is responsible for stealing rare Pappy van Winkle bourbon.

"Right now, detectives have interviewed approximately 100 employees at Buffalo Trace and store clerks and those involved with that, so we've interviewed well over 100 people," says Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton.

At one time, surveillance video was released of a man going into a Bardstown liquor store days after the crime.

He was named a person of interest and it turned out to be Bardstown High School principal Chris Pickett.

Store clerks say he tried to sell them the bourbon. Pickett says he was simply looking to buy.

Authorities now say he was cleared from this case, and they continue to question Buffalo Trace employees about whether this was an inside job.

"We're still looking at the big picture. Obviously everything points to that. As the investigation continues it would lead one to believe that someone inside did have something to do with it," says Sheriff Melton.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton says they're getting closer to solving the crime.

He has a message for whoever is responsible.

"The net is closing. It's getting tighter. It's hot. You're not going to be able to take it and sell it anywhere," says Sheriff Melton.

 Sheriff Melton says they have been blown away by all the national attention this case has received.

He says he is confident they will solve it.

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