LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The intersection of Bardstown Road and Grinstead Drive in the Highlands is now home to what could be the city's most controversial billboard.

The billboard says: "Not everyone who is gay is happy. You have options."

"This specifically targets people who have same sex attractions that are unwanted," said Daniel Mingo, the founder of Abba's Delight and the man behind the billboard.

"It is not meant to target anyone who is happy being gay," Mingo said.

"Abba's Delight is a ministry that helps people of faith who are uncomfortable with their same-sex attractions."

Mingo says the billboard was meant to be an expression of love, but has been met with expressions of anger.

"Some of it you wouldn't be able to show on TV," Mingo said. "The lighter side of it is that we have no business targeting gays."

Mingo says the goal is to reach out to people who are uncomfortable being gay.

"I walked away from homosexuality 21 years ago," Mingo said. "Because I knew it wasn't in line with God's will for my life."

"And our ministry doesn't go after people who are happy being gay. In fact, we don't go after people at all -- they come to us."

Mingo and Abba's Delight are also hearing from another group.

"An organization like this really needs to be shut down," said Chris Hartman, the director of the Fairness Campaign. He says the billboard is offensive and hurtful.

"To suggest that this organization is going to help someone is an exact obfuscation of the truth, it's the opposite; they're going to harm 90 percent of the people that walk in and out of their door," Hartman said.

But Mingo sees it differently and feels uniquely qualified to help people with unwanted same-sex attractions.

"Who else to help someone walk out of something that they don't want to be in than someone else who has already walked that path?"

The plan is for the billboard to be in place for 90 days despite the negative feedback.

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