LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Prosecutors in the murder trial of Stanley Dishon announced in court Friday they had found new evidence in the case: a fitted sheet and pillow case that appeared to be taken from Jessica's Dishon's bed 15 years ago.

The sheet was discovered April 25 in a building about a mile from where the 17-year-old's body was found in 1999, according to court records filed in Bullitt Circuit Court Friday. The pillow case was found days later in a barn next to the building.

Bullitt County Sheriff's Det. Lynn Hunt and Jessica Dishon's brother, Mike Dishon Jr., among others, were in the River Bottoms area last month were Jessica was found when Mike pointed out the building on the west side of Greenwell Ford Road, "where all the kids used to have parties at," according to Hunt's investigative letter.

Hunt said the building and barn were "significant" because a prison informant told investigators Jessica was held in a barn for several days and tortured before being dumped at another location, according to Hunt's investigative letter.

Attorneys for Stanley Dishon, Jennifer Wittmeyer and Melanie Foote Hollingsworth, downplayed the significance of the new evidence and also pointed out that this building was searched years ago and nothing was found.

"We're confident they are not going to be of any evidentiary value," Wittmeyer said in an interview.

Prosecutors in court Friday said the bedding would be sent off for testing.

Also, on Friday, investigators turned over the results of DNA testing of various items found in the investigation of Jessica's murder, including hairs found on the teen and fingernail clippings. Nothing matched Stanley Dishon.

Stanley Dishon is charged with murdering his niece, Jessica, in Sept. 1999. She went missing from her Bullitt County home on Sept. 10, 1999. Her body, brutally beaten, was found seventeen days after she disappeared in a wooded area just miles from her home.

Two prison informants have told investigators Stanley Dishon said he strangled his niece with a scarf to cover up a sexual relationship.

In her investigative report, Hunt said the sheet found was "extremely tattered and degraded," but looked to be the bedding from Jessica's bed.

The detective then collected the comforter off of Jessica's bed, which has not been changed since her disappearance, according to her family. 

Edna Jett, Jessica's mother, said the bedding found "looks like her sheet," according to the investigative summary. "Jett then became emotional and grabbed her stomach."

Jett told Hunt she could not remember whether the sheet was missing when she made Jessica's bed shortly after the teen disappeared.

Asked by the FBI why she made Jessica's bed at the time, Jett recalled saying that she was a "neat person" and expected the teen to come back home.

Investigators found the pillow case in the barn next to the building on April 28, according to the court records.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the new evidence after court Friday.

Also Friday, David "Bucky" Brooks, who was originally charged in Jessica's kidnapping and murder, was in court, supposed to testify about whether he had agreed for his former attorney to turn over his case file to investigators.

But that testimony was postponed until May 28 because Brooks' former attorney was unable to attend.

In 2001, Brooks was on trial for Jessica's kidnapping and murder, but  a judge declared a mistrial because then Bullitt County Sheriff's Detective Charles Mann testified that Brooks failed a polygraph test, which is not admissible in court.


September 10, 1999 -- Jessica Dishon disappears

September 27, 1999 -- Dishon's body discovered

2001 -- David "Bucky" Brooks charged

2003 -- Brooks freed after mistrial, charges dropped

2007 -- Former sheriff hires consultant/former LMPD detective

2011 -- Sheriff Greenwell takes office

2013 -- New charges in case

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