NEW ALBANY, In. (WDRB) -- Voters in Floyd County are now casting votes again.  Five polls were shutdown early on election day because of a computer glitch.

Floyd County Election Board Chairman Bill Lohmeyer says voting was halted for about two hours at those locations.  Floyd County actually has 11 voting locations.  Six remained operational, and unlike in Kentucky and other places, voters in Floyd County can go to any voting location.

It was an hour-wait right Tuesday morning to cast a ballot at the New Albany library. Just before 11:30 a.m., there was a steady line of people.

Some were growing impatient, choosing not to vote because they didn't have the time to wait. 

The library is one of the five vote centers in Floyd County that didn't open as planned because of the glitch. The county has switched to electronic voting, getting rid of the old precinct system. That means Floyd County residents could cast a ballot early at any of the 11 vote centers in the county. 

It worked well for early voting, with roughly 8,000 people voting before Election Day -- but this morning those computers didn't work. 
"They couldn't boot them up this morning," said Bill Lohmeyer of the Floyd County Election Board. "We started out today with five locations that were online. As of now, they're all online, but it took us about two hours to get them up and running. It has been a frustrating project, but we are here."

The big driver to the polls today in Floyd County is the Sheriff's race. The seat is opening as current Sheriff Darrell Mills has reached his term limit. County Councilman Brad Striegel is squaring off against Lt. Frank Loop, who has been with the Sheriff office for 32 years.

Elections officials expect about 16,000 people to vote today. Voting will continue until 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Lohmeyer says to leave extra time to cast votes because of high turnout and the backlog of voters. 

The 11 voting locations in Floyd County are:

New Albany Housing Authority at 300 Erni Ave

Pineview Government Center at 2524 Corydon Pike

Grace Lutheran Church at 1787 Klerner Lane

4-H Fair at 2810 Green Valley Rd

Tunnel Hill Church at 5105 Old Georgetown Rd

Georgetown Christian Church at 9420 State Road 64

Floyd Knobs Community Club at 4032 Weber Lane

New Albany Library at 180 W. Spring St

Sojourn Church (formerly Silver Street School) at 2023 Ekin Ave

Christ's Community Church at 4920 Charlestown Rd

John Jones Automotive at 9249 HWY 150 in Greenville

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