LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A former JCPS teacher convicted of raping a student has been formally sentenced.

On Monday, Scott Quisenberry was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison. He must serve at least 20 percent of his sentence before he is eligible for parole. He is also required to register as a sex offender for life.

He was convicted on three counts of rape and four counts of sodomy in July.

Quisenberry had a three-year relationship with one of his students, which began in 2009, when the student was 12-years-old. He was a teacher at Bullitt Lick Middle School before moving to Kerrick Elementary School with JCPS.

"Place him on community supervision, let him do the sex offender treatment program in the community," Quisenberry's attorney, Ken McCardwell asked the judge. 

McCardwell also took issue with an impact statement from the victim's mother. He read part of it in court, which included, 'I hope you enjoy your time in prison.' 

Prosecutors asked for the judge to hand down the jury's recommendation of 15 years and she did. 

She also revealed Quisenberry has admitted to raping and sodomizing the girl, unlike on the stand at trial. 

Prosecutor Alicia Gomez says Quisenberry benefits from taking responsibility.

"The first step of completing the sex offender treatment program is to admit your offenses and what you did. If you don't admit, you never graduate. You never see the parole board, you serve the entire time," Gomez told WDRB News. 

She says Quisenberry must serve at least 20 percent of his sentence, or three years. 

His family and defense team didn't comment after court but his wife appeared to stand by him, blowing him a kiss as he was taken back to jail and mouthing 'I love you.' 

For the victim and her family, Gomez says there's relief. 

"This is a chapter of her life she can close and move past and hopefully never have to think about again," Gomez said. 

Quisenberry entered an Alford plea to similar charges in Nelson County.

He will serve a five-year-sentence for that offense at the same time as his Jefferson County sentence.

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