WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) –- The exterior of a life-sized Noah’s Ark is nearing completion in Williamstown, Ky.

More than 500 feet long and 51 feet tall, President of the Ark Encounter Ken Ham says visitors will be in awe of its size. 

“The research indicates at minimum 1.4 million, up to 2 million, people a year would come if it was built,” Ham said.

As you step inside, you'll see multiple floors held together with large timber structures. And a design team is working on creating animals to be placed in wooden cages. Creators hope to answer skeptical questions like how Noah could fit two of each kind of animal on board?

“It's not millions like some people think, and it's not the species, and the average size of a land animal is pretty small anyway," Ham said. "So two of each kind of land animal, and we're going to show that."

There will be 132 realistic exhibit bays on this ark, including Noah's bedroom. Other exhibits will feature Christian teachings.

“We are Christians. We have a Christian message. When you go through the exhibits, you will see that, but we don't hit people on the head with it. It's not something we try to impose on people,” Ham said.

But he does want people to know one thing.

“People also are saying things like 'we don't want our tax dollars being used at the ark.' Well, don't come. Don't spend money here, and none of your tax dollars will be used at the Ark,” Ham said.

He says all the money was raised for the $100 million project through donors. As for being able to participate in performance based tax incentives, The Ark Encounter won its case last month based off the first amendment’s freedom of religion. While the tourism board still needs to vote on the issue, Ham says he's focusing his last efforts on one thing.

“What we want to show people is this is feasible because we believe it actually happened. If people go away saying 'hmm, maybe I’ll go read that account of the Bible, maybe I'll look at the Bible, maybe I'll consider that' -- then that's great,” Ham said.

The Ark Encounter will open in July, on 7/7/16 to go along with Genesis 7:7, which is the passage where Noah and his family entered the Ark.

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