LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A major water main project is going to impact Louisville drivers.

Crews are already working along Mellwood Avenue, and in a few days, they'll have to shut down a busy intersection to move forward. 

Louisville Water Company is repairing a historic pipe that is nearly 150 years old. 

"It was part of when Louisville was really beginning to grow after the Civil War," said Louisville Water Spokesperson Kelley Dearing Smith. 

The pipe is 30-inches in diameter. 

"Our goal is that if we keep them in great shape, then you minimize the number of water main breaks that we have," Dearing Smith explained. "We are cleaning and lining that pipe and we're actually removing sections of the pipe that just aren't in the best condition." 

But as the project continues, they'll need some more room to work. Starting Sunday, officials say Frankfort Avenue from Story to Mellwood Avenue will be closed.

"Our goal is to get the intersection back open around the first part of July," Dearing Smith said. 

The work is a concern for some local businesses. 

"I think it will affect a little bit of downtown traffic flow coming this direction," said Troy Pickett, operations manager for the North End Cafe on Frankfort Avenue. 

He says the closure could make it harder for new customers to find the restaurant, but he says employees will be ready to help with directions. 

"We have a lot of streets that you can take to get here," Pickett said. 

Louisville Water says signs will be posted to help drivers get around. Officials know this work is happening in a busy area. 

"We know it's an inconvenience so our goal is to do it as fast as we can and to get in and get out," Dearing Smith said. 

Officials say once they line the pipe with cement, it can last another 50 to 70 years. Louisville Water says it spends millions of dollars every year to maintain underground pipes. 

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