LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The brother of the man shot and killed by a pair of LMPD officers is asking for no riots or additional violence as LMPD works its investigation.

"I want to know what happened," Joe Brown said. "Why? And what's the reason for this, ya know?"

Left with so many questions, Brown mourns the death of his brother, Darnell Thomas.

Brown describes the 57-year-old as a hard-working guy who had been honorably discharged from the Army and now ran a lawn service.

"He ain't supposed to go away like that," Brown said. 

Speaking at Cole's Place Monday night, Brown revealed his brother is the man shot and killed by LMPD officers early Monday morning.

Brown says he's not sure if officers actions were justified, but he hopes to find out soon.

"They keep talking about this video," he said. "I don't think I want to see the video. I just wish my brother was still here."

Despite the pain it causes for his family, Brown says it was the right move for LMPD to release body camera video, providing a record of how the deadly shooting played out.

Alongside Brown, Brothers Helping Brothers and the West Louisville Urban Coalition want to watch the investigation closely.

"When the police investigate themselves, it doesn't have the right outcome at the end," said Jerald Muhammad with Brothers Helping Brothers. "So what we want to do is watch this step-by-step and see that this family gets justice."

But the one thing they want to get across is that riots and violence are not the answer.

"We don't need you to tear up the city or burn down the block or anything of that nature," said Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition. "All we want is justice for the Brown family."

"We don't need rioting or nothing," Brown added. "We just need to take care of ourselves. Each other. Stop this."

Friends and neighbors also tell us that Thomas was hard of hearing. They say they're not sure if that could have played a role in this.

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