SCOTT COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Suspected child predator Christopher Broy called WDRB News on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon, he left WDRB's Stephan Johnson a voicemail saying some of the accusations against him are not true.

"Yeah, this is Christopher Broy. I just want to let everybody know that I am not armed and dangerous like everybody is claiming that I am," he said in the voicemail. 

Broy is wanted by several southern Indiana police agencies, but instead of calling them, he reached out to our newsroom.

"I am not around the area, so there's no sense in them keep harassing my family," Broy said.

The Scotty County Sheriff's Office is one of several police agencies looking for Broy.

"We've got several allegations that he is soliciting young girls for nude photos -- for sex," said Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain.

Sheriff McClain said Broy has been using social media to communicate with underage girls in southern Indiana.

"We've got allegations of child solicitation, sexual misconduct, child molestation," Sheriff McClain said.

Sheriff McClain also said they've reached out to southern Indiana school districts to warn students and parents.

"We informed them that there is a predator out there, that he is looking to make contact with young girls -- ages 12, 13, 14 years old."

"Just another crazy person out there that I have to be aware of try to protect my child from," said Sherrie Tyree, a Scott County parent.

Scott County parents like Tyree are concerned and made sure the message hit its mark.

"We sat down with our daughter and talked to her, went over all of the safety rules of social media," she said.

Meanwhile, in addition to the voicemail, Broy is also still posting on social media. In his last post he said: 

"Say what you want but a lot of you hoes are going on blast before I go down."

But the last sentence is the most disturbing to police: 

"If I end up dead, just know that there's no evidence except hearsay."

"You know, we don't want it to go to that level," Sheriff McClain said. "We'd just like to apprehend him, bring him in and resolve these issues that we've got."

Broy is also wanted on child pornography charges in Harrison County.

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