LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – After a brief scuffle at his home on May 22, Brice Rhodes tied up teenage brothers Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon, put Ordway in a bathroom and then made Gordon get on his knees and “beg for forgiveness,” a co-defendant of Rhodes’ told Louisville Metro Police.

“Maurice was crying and stuff and he was asking everybody to spare him,” 15-year-old Anjuan Carter told Det. Jon Lesher on May 24, according to a video of the interview.

Rhodes, according to Carter, then put a stocking over Gordon’’s head, gagged him and stabbed him in the chest several times.

Then, Carter said, he, Rhodes and Jacorey Lamont Taylor, a third defendant in the murder of the brothers, moved Maurice’s body aside and brought Ordway back into the living room.

“He started stabbing him too,” Carter said of Rhodes,

After being threatened by Rhodes, Carter said he also stabbed Gordon once, and Taylor stabbed Ordway.

The three then put the two brothers into crates, and Rhodes, 26, dumped them in the backyard of an abandoned house in the 400 block or River Park Drive, east of Shawnee Park, and burned the bodies, Carter told police.  

Carter said he and Taylor stayed behind and cleaned up after the murders. After the carpet was bleached and the scene cleaned, Carter said Rhodes took him and Taylor to get something to eat and then drove them home.

The teen brothers were killed because they had witnessed the murder of a third man, Christopher Jones, 40, Carter said.

Rhodes shot Jones on May 4 on South 41st Street, according to Carter. He told police he was in the passenger seat, Gordon was the “getaway driver” and Rhodes and Ordway were in the back seat when the shooting occurred.

Jones died at the hospital.

The interview with Carter was released in court records on Tuesday, along with interviews with the other two defendants, hundreds of pictures and more than 300 pages of evidence.

In his interview, Rhodes told police he didn’t know what happened to Gordon and Ordway and eventually asked for an attorney.

“I need a lawyer man, if you’re gonna keep all in my face,” Rhodes said.

Taylor also denied any wrongdoing in a lengthy interview with police.

All three men will be in Jefferson Circuit Court this week on murder and tampering with physical evidence charges. Carter, 15, and Taylor, 18, have been charged as adults.

Carter also told police Ordway and Gordon had stolen money from Rhodes. He said the five of them were hanging out at Rhodes’ home on the night of May 22 when Taylor and Gordon got into a fight and Gordon pulled a knife.

Rhodes, whose nickname is “Rambo,” struck Gordon and took the knife from him, according to Carter's version of events. 

After the murder, Elizabeth Wren, the mother of the teen brothers, called one of their cell phones and Carter, who had taken it, answered.

“I was in the car with Rambo when she called and he said, ‘tell her we went to the store and we’ll be right back,’” Carter told Lesher.

Wren knew her sons were hanging out with Rhodes, according to court records.

In an interview, Rhodes’ mother told police her son has “mental issues and has not been taking his medication,” according to court records. The murders took place in her home, but she was out of town at the time, Carter said.

Asked if Rhodes had killed anyone else, Carter told Lesher he had “plenty of them,” saying Rhodes had talked about killing five people.

All three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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