LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County Public Schools Superintendent Donna Hargens is seeking to boost the salary of one of her highest paid cabinet members. 

According to an updated job description for John Marshall, the district's chief equity officer, Hargens is recommending that his salary jump about 5 percent from $160,953 to $169,000 annually. The measure is up for school board approval at Tuesday night's meeting.

"The attached job description is being submitted to...make it equitable as it relates to the other chief positions when considering the number of direct reports and level of accountability," reads the recommendation written by Tom Hudson, the district's chief business officer.

The updated job description lists the different employees that Marshall supervises, including the district's volunteer center specialist, director of student due process, the coordinator for homeless education and the coordinator and director of compliance and investigations. None of those positions or direct reports are new.

According to the job description, the district's chief equity officer: plans, promotes and coordinates all district systemic and communal educational equity, fairness, compliance, inclusion and poverty efforts including affirmative action, minority affairs and poverty-related programs.

Hargens, who receives a salary of $276,000 annually, has six chief officers in her cabinet.

They (along with their salaries) include:

  • Michael Raisor, chief operations officer, $177,012
  • Tom Hudson, chief business officer, $175,323
  • Lisa Herring, chief academic officer, $166,950
  • John Marshall, chief equity officer, $160,953
  • Dena Dossett, chief of data management, planning and program evaluation, $160,143
  • Allison Martin, chief communications officer, $130,792

In addition, JCPS' chief financial officer, Cordelia Hardin, makes $176,683.

In September, the school board approved pay raises that gave all employees a .75 percent increase, plus experience-based step increases, for the 2016-17 year. The agreement between the district and its unions came after months of negotiations and tension between the two groups and will also give teachers a 1.5 percent raise in 2017-18.

The proposed boost in Marshall's salary comes at a time when the district has been looking at the true cost of administrative salaries. Earlier this year, the results of a salary study found that JCPS is paying "above market salaries” for roughly 7,000 employees, including administrators and school personnel.

In 2014, then state auditor Adam Edelen suggested JCPS do a salary review after it found central office employees were receiving significantly higher salaries than employees at comparable school districts. Edelen had said JCPS spends more money on administration – and less on instruction – than similarly sized school districts, leaving the vast majority of teachers dipping into their own pockets for classroom needs.

When the salary study was released in April, Hudson said one reason why JCPS has higher salaries than those in peer districts is because the pay of senior classified administrators and classified staff was linked to that of teachers in 1998.

Here is an updated list of the Top 25 highest paid employees in JCPS, as of November 2016: