LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Clarksville police officer hired to protect a local Walmart from thefts is accused of stealing from the store.

According to court documents, Michael Popplewell was seen on surveillance video stealing a Fitbit, then returning it on Black Friday weekend. The Walmart on Veterans Parkway says Popplewell also stole a greeting card and jewelry.

Days later, the store says he took two toys worth $60 each.

Popplewell is charged with theft, and has resigned from the Clarksville Police Department.

He was also elected in November to the Clark County Council, and recently resigned.

Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer released the following statement Thursday afternoon:

This Department has received several inquiries regarding the recent voluntary resignation of one of our officers. As an initial matter, I am personally saddened to hear of any law enforcement officer facing allegations of professional misconduct such as these but it makes it even harder when it’s one of your own.

This Department’s stance on established policy regarding any criminal allegations against one of our officers is to direct the complainant to contact the Indiana State Police or the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in order to have the complaint independently investigated by an outside agency.

This was recommended by this Department to the complainant in this matter.

In this case, Officer Popplewell’s resignation was voluntary given and accepted by the Board of Safety Commissioners. At the time of his resignation no criminal complaint had been filed and no charges had been brought by the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office.

Any agreement made between Mike Popplewell and the complainant is between the parties involved and neither the Town nor this Department have jurisdiction to enforce any such agreement.

This Department has made some great changes and continues to improve how we provide the safety for the Clarksville Community.

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