JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) – Starting July 1, drivers cannot have colored headlights or taillights on their vehicles.

There was already a law in place requiring headlights, but legislators passed a new law eliminating any loopholes in adding colored lights.

“There can be no light shining forward on your vehicle, headlights, turn signals, and such, unless they are white or amber,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Jerry Goodin said.

Goodin said whatever manufacturers install in vehicles will meet the state requirements. It is the customizable lights that are being restricted for safety reasons.

“Unfortunately, we had folks who were having purple lights, green lights, every kind of light you can imagine as a headlight,” Goodin said. “Obviously, that makes for a dangerous situation on the road.”

Goodin said it will eliminate the opportunity for people to impersonate safety crews and law enforcement.

“Green light would be an EMT,” said Goodin. “Blue light will be a volunteer fireman. Red and white would be fire and ambulance, or even some escorts. Red and blue lights, obviously, with the police. So what this does is it cleans that up so that nobody can pretend to be one of those folks.”

The law also impacts the back of vehicle. Brake lights can only be red and turn signals can only be white or amber.

Goodin emphasized these changes are strictly for when a vehicle is in motion.

“What we want people to know is you can have those lights on the front of your automobile if you’re parked somewhere at a car show or something like that,” said Goodin. “If it’s in operation, it’s against the law.”

The fine for a state traffic citation can start at $135.50.

For more information on the law, click here.

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