Air traffic controllers at Louisville airport rally against government shutdown

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Workers at Louisville International Airport said your safety is at risk because of the government shutdown.

Ninety FAA employees are furloughed right now and aren't performing safety oversight checks. Air traffic controllers and technicians who maintain air traffic control equipment are still required to come to work during the shutdown but aren't getting paid.

"It's the safety of the national airspace that's in question here without the inspectors' oversight," said Nancy Morrison, an aviation transportation system specialist.

They don't want Louisville travelers to forget about the financial burden this has put on their families. They haven't been paid for three weeks of work, which is why you'll see workers holding signs outside the terminal this week.

They're begging for the shutdown to end.

"We need to be focused 100 percent of the time on safety," said Nikki Allen, an air traffic controller. "And if we have to think about anything else, that really can increase the stress."

More than 50,000 TSA screeners nationwide are currently working without pay. Wednesday marks day 26 of the shutdown.

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