LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There are new complaints against the Bullitt County jailer after surveillance video appears to show him making unprofessional statements to an employee.

In the video, Paul Watkins can be seen interacting with a nurse at the jail. 

"What about this chick here?" he asks in the video. "Is she doing all right? I've come in here for an examination, girl."

Several employees have contacted WDRB News complaining of a hostile and unprofessional working environment at the jail. 

Sherrie Thompson, a former employee, says incidents like the one that appears in the video happen frequently at the jail. She said Watkins' belittles women, calls his attitude "chauvinistic" and said several female employees have left because of a hostile environment.

Thompson just filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Watkins and Bullitt County.

"In my opinion, he's against a lot of women," she said, describing Watkins as "brutal."

"He's had a lot of women that he's yelled and cussed at."

The video shows what Watkins said to Thompson when she brought up concerns about other employees and inmates not being released on time. Thompson is in the room with male employees, but the video shows Watkins only speaking and yelling at Thompson.

"Instead of b****ing about it, why in the f*** don't you tell them about it, in a nice manner," Watkins says.

In the video, Watkins also tells Thompson, "I don't give a sh**. I don't care ... "Do you understand when I tell you I do care? That's the problem."

After Watkins yells at Thompson, you can see her crying and a supervisor telling her he thinks she does a good job.

Thompson worked at the jail for more than 16 years but was fired in August for violating the social media policy. She had four more years until retirement.

"While I was working there, I hated to go to work, because I felt like I was on egg shells," she said.

The lawsuit against Watkins and Bullitt County is for wrongful termination. In it, she claims Watkins' chauvinistic attitude prompted several female employees to leave. Thompson is asking for her job back, back pay and a jury trial.

WDRB News requested records for all employees and who have left and why.

The jail says there are currently 56 employees. Since Watkins took office in January, 35 employees have left. Some retired, some were fired, and some quit. Others are listed as never starting but are on the employee sheet provided.

Judge Executive Jerry Summers said he can only appoint a new jailer if there is evidence of financial wrongdoing. Kentucky State Law says elected officials can also be removed by impeachment.

As for holding inmates too long in the jail, Watkins is scheduled for a contempt hearing next week.

Watkins is not commenting on the video. He took office in January.

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