LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With so many kids behind in school because of the pandemic, several teachers are now trying to help students catch up.

Bullitt County Public Schools is taking notes from the community to help families cope with the learning loss over the past year.

The district created an online survey seeking ideas from parents on ways to help students' social, emotional and academic needs as a result of the pandemic. The survey's results will help the district plan its optional summer learning programs.

"I think we're going to see a mass group of kids that are going to be behind the board for a few years at this point," said Jason Ryan, who has five kids at Cedar Grove Elementary School. "Socialization is definitely an area they're behind in now."

Students have been on a hybrid schedule. Throughout March, all grades will phase into four days of in-person instruction.

"The loss of learning is pretty much across the board for most people," said Micki Pocker, who has two children in BCPS. "Kids have lost some socialization. They're not used to interacting with their peers and (having) physical activity. Those are the things that we need kids to relearn."

Even though both families don't see their kids needing summer school for grades, parents think that fun activities and kids being around their friends again will go a long way.

"I think they'll do better, as far as catching up with their work, when they have their friends and it's not just 'sit at the table and stare at my sister,'" said Ryan. "It's been a very hard and challenging thing to do this at home."

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