LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Although masks do not give you total protection from the novel coronavirus, people from all over have been wearing masks while they are out and about during the growing pandemic. 

"You may be someone who is infected with coronavirus and may not know that yet because you don’t have symptoms," Dr. Jennifer Koch with the University of Louisville's School of Medicine said. "So wearing a mask in public can help you keep those germs to yourself."

The masks will not do much good, however, if you are not handling them and using them correctly, Koch warned. 

"If you walk around the grocery store and you have your hands on the cart and then adjust your mask and touch your face while doing it, you’re actually putting yourself at greater risk," she said. 

That is why Koch said it is important to know the proper way to put on and use a mask.

"To put it on, you loop it around your ears and or tie it here and the nape of the neck," she said while demonstrating the technique. "(You) want to make sure to press on both sides of the nose to get a firm seal at the nose and pull the bottom down over your mouth so you’re covering your nose and mouth."

Once the mask is on, Koch advised to not touch the outside.

"To remove it, you just remove the ear loops and remove the entire mask and set it in a safe place with the dirty side down," she said. 

If you do wear a mask, officials ask you use one made of cloth and donate any unopened boxes of medical masks and gloves to health care workers who need the supplies the most. 

"Please don’t do anything that takes away from the mask supply for health care workers," said Koch, who added that the supplies you save will help health care workers save lives. 

For your own protection, Koch said the best things to do are washing your hands with soap and water, social distancing and staying at home.

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending Americans wear non-medical cloth face masks to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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