JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- At least a dozen students were part of a chaotic scene this week inside a Jeffersonville High School bathroom, video showing one student being physically targeted by the group.

Robert Thomason, whose nephew — a freshman at the school — was that targeted student, is furious.

"It was like a pack of wolves in there just tearing to a little guy," he said.

The widely-shared video documents 45 seconds where more than a dozen students are unsupervised in the bathroom. Several punches are thrown, and Thomason's 15-year-old nephew was physically assaulted.

"You get a phone call from him on the phone, scramming he is getting jumped," Thomason said. "I mean, this is excessive man. This is ridiculous man. They could have killed him."

According to Thomason, the altercation was generated over a pair of tennis shoes.

"My nephew was trading tennis shoes or something, and one of the kids decided that they wanted them," he said.

The aftermath of the brawl left the 15-year-old with several bruises on his face and a trip to the emergency room.

Thomason said he believes it all could have been prevented by the school administration.

"Hall monitors, bathroom monitors, I mean, they just dropped the ball on this completely," he said. "There definitely should have been someone there to stop that."

In a written statement this week, Greater Clark County School said:

And the Clark County prosecutor's office said it is working with the juvenile probation department to prepare charges.

"We have to sit and talk about it and see what our next steps will be," Thomason said. "Because we still are kind of in shock with this."

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