KSP weigh station.jpg

Kentucky State Police weigh station. (Photo courtesy of KSP)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky State Police monitors semi-trucks to ensure the cargo carriers aren't dangerous to other motorists.

KSP shared photos on Facebook on Monday from its Scale Facilities, which serve as weigh stations for semi-trucks on interstate highways.

Some of the photos show excessive wear on tires with worn down treads exposing the steel wire. Other photos show tools clamped down on rods below the truck, along with a load shifting in the trailer that causes one side of the truck to be lifted off the ground.

"While many of the commercial vehicles who operate in Kentucky adhere to safety guidelines, it is important that we remove from service those who don't," the post states. 

In 2020, KSP performed more than 55,000 safety inspections.

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