GOSHEN, Ky. (WDRB) -- David Crosby's drawing has gone through quite the transformation through the years, from second grade stick figures to a more sophisticated style.

"I'd draw them on little scratch pieces of paper in class and read them to the class," said Crosby, a North Oldham County High School junior.

His newest story is "The Adventures of Fro-Man and Dub Step Boy."

"He's working at power plant in 1987 when he's suddenly pushed into toxic waste, cryogenically frozen and set into the future," said Crosby.

While he's always had a reputation for drawing, his talent is now catching attention nationally.

"When he won the Scholastic Gold Key, that's when I knew he was really on to something cool," said his mom, Adrienne.

Crosby recently won the regional award, a prestigious art and writing contest.

"It's always been my dream to really get my work out there for people to see," said Crosby.

Crosby's not ready to stop there. He's self published the book through Amazon, which means he can reach even more readers.

"It took me about a year and a half to write the story, draw it out, check all the formatting, make sure the pages are all the right size," said Crosby.

The book is 57 pages of full color illustrations and a story straight out of his imagination.

"It's been amazing. I've had friends come to me to have it autographed and have it signed. People wanted to buy it from me at my church and my school," said Crosby.

But it's his youngest fan, his four-year-old cousin, that made the biggest impression on the teen.

"He came up to me with his copy of Fro-Man and he ran up to me and said 'David, David look at this. You and me we're both Fro-Man!' And it was absolutely amazing because that's my goal. Everyone to be able to have a character someone that they can be like," said Crosby.

It's that representation on the page that he hopes inspires others.

"I wanted to make someone that if a person like me were to sit down and read and not be too into comic books, they would be able to see a character that they could relate to like Fro Man for me," he said.

With his first masterpiece complete, Crosby's focused on the future.

"If I'm not going off and being a cartoonist or writing graphic novels permanently, I'd love to get into graphic design or animation. My dream would be to have this be a cartoon like on Cartoon Network for everyone to watch," he said.

Even if that's not in the cards, he's fine continuing his story line on the page. He already has 10 more story lines for Fro-Man planned out in his head.

The Adventures of Fro-Man and Dub Step Boy are available on Amazon.

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