Police release new details on bodies found in Ohio River

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- New details have been uncovered about two bodies found in the Ohio River -- a man, and a mother of four.

Police are still looking for any information on the two murders. They also need help identifying the man.

"It would be fair to say she had suffered a traumatic death," said Sgt. Philip Hensley with Indiana State Police.

Indiana State Police aren't releasing how Sarah Ipock died. They will only say she was murdered. Her family describes her as a mother, a beautiful young woman taken before her time.

Police say Ipock is from Clarksville and was last seen at the Dairy Queen on Veteran's Parkway on May 4. One week later, her body was found in the Ohio River. She was found about 70 miles west, near Troy, Indiana.

Her family says barge workers found her body.

"Given where she was last seen, we think it's possible her body was placed somewhere around the Louisville area," Hensley said. "With the water levels being up and the rate of the current flowing...it would be very easy for her to be placed in the river flow downriver and end up a week later, and end up where she did." 

And just down the river from her body that same afternoon, Daviess County officials recovered a man's body, just east of Owensboro, also murdered.

"Daviess County, Kentucky, officials informed us that the male had suffered a gunshot wound to the head and believed that was the fatal cause," Hensley said. "They had also specified he had some strangulation, hanging-type marks around his neck, so it's quite possibly that he suffered a somewhat traumatic death as well."

Police believe the cases are related and are trying to figure out the relationship between Ipock and the man, if any. Police say he's white, about 5'-7" tall. 

"Thanks to almost CSI-like technology we're able to get her fingerprints and her identified," Hensley said. "Hopefully, through DNA or dental records, we can get the unidentified male identified here soon."

A third body was found a day later on May 5. Police determined that was a suicide.

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