Technology helps students study, stay organized and do assignments

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Technology is changing the way students study, stay organized and do assignments.

Some duPont Manual High School students shared their favorite apps.

“I really like Quizlet,” says senior Kennedy Duncan.  “It's really accessible, and if you're walking between classes and you need to study really fast, you can do that.”

Quizlet was the most popular app among the students we interviewed.  The app allows you to search a topic and find quizzes teachers or other students have submitted to help you study. 

Duncan says, “You can make note cards--your own flash cards--except they're electronic.  And, you can make practice quizzes and make questions to keep studying over and over and over again.”

Not everyone goes to the trouble of making his own quiz or flash cards.  Junior Daniel Biggs says, “I use other people's quizzes.  I've never made my own.”

Another favorite app is Google Docs.

“I think Google Docs is one of the best by far,” says senior Atul Ganti. “It's really easy to start something at home and finish it at school.  Or, if your printer is not working at home, you can print it at school.”

Google Docs can be accessed anywhere you have internet access.  You don’t need a flash drive to save your work.  And, Google Docs allows for editing from groups of students working together on one paper.

Biggs says he also likes Kahoot which turns learning into a game.

Kahoot lets a teacher or students create a quiz with multiple-choice answers.  Students use their smart phones as game remotes and try to be the first to answer correctly.

“We played it competitively, but it really helped reinforce learning,” Biggs adds.

For one app that helps with organization and assignments, these students recommend Google Classroom.

“My teacher will upload stuff, and it's like a big binder,” says senior Jordan Grantz.  “I can go on there and it directs me to Google Drive an Google Docs.  Everything is in one location.  It's really good for organization.”

It also lets teachers access assignments and grade them or give feedback without a student waiting for the next class.

All of these apps are free.

Quizlet for Apple or Android.

Google Docs for Apple or Android.

Google Classroom for Apple or Android.

Kahoot for Apple or Android

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