dealing with bullies

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Hundreds of thousands of students are bullied each month across the United States, according to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation.

As the new school begins, it's a busy time for Dr. David Causey at Square One.

Experts say 1 out of 4 kids will be bullied this school year. Either from verbal, physical, or cyber bullying.

Dr. Causey believes social media is responsible for the uptick in bullying. He says parents should have better access to their child's social media and keep it limited.

"My personal rule of thumb is no child that is middle school or lower, if they have a phone or tablet, they should not be unmonitored social media at all," said Dr. Causey.

Responding to bullies can get tricky. He suggest ingnoring the bully or a firm "stop talking to me." Dr. Causey says it's important parents and students work together to come up with a strategy.

What we find out is they can't just ignore once and expect it to work bc it's often going to make it worse but when they can persistently ignore, we call it actively ignoring, then a lot of times they'll start to see the benefit of that," said Dr. Causey.

But you can always get the school involved with out making it obvius to other students that your child is being bullied.

"If the child happens to react in a way it's ultimately going get them in trouble, then they've approached the school about their concerns and what they can do to cope with it.," added Dr. Causey.

Ultimately communication is the best practice.

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