LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Technicians at a Frankfort car repair shop had an interesting assignment Wednesday.

They were asked to remove a small, frightened kitten trapped inside the undercarriage of a Honda Accord at the Midas at 1246 US Highway 127 S in Frankfort.

According to a post on the company's Facebook page, the manager of a nearby Hardee's asked the technicians at the shop if they could help a customer who found a kitten trapped under his car.

The Honda Accord was brought to the shop, and the staff found a kitten lodged in a hole in the subframe of the vehicle. 

"The kitten, alive but exhausted, was very frightened," wrote D. Scott Bourne, the owner of the Midas. "After an hour of rear subframe removal, A Lexington Fireman, my lead tech and myself with some soap, sweat, and prayers, were able to extract the kitten from the clutches of a rear subframe on a 2000 Honda Accord."

The company says the owner of the vehicle tried to pay them for their trouble, but they refused to take it.

"The kitten, shook up and worn out, had been in there for a few hours, including a trip from Lexington to Versailles to Frankfort," Bourne wrote. "By all rights, this kitten shouldn't have survived but through God's grace and the efforts of four people, she will live to see another day."

A veterinarian has since given the 9-week-old kitten a clean bill of health, and she has been adopted by an anonymous family.

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