LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Without a doubt, many Americans will make a New Year's resolution to embark on a healthier lifestyle beginning Jan. 1. 

Nicole McGloshen, a local dietician with U of L Health, has some tips on sticking with that new lifestyle.

"I think the big thing is, find your motivation," she said. "Find your why on why you're wanting to make this change."

McGloshen says every year she watches people quit on their healthy resolutions.

"Studies are showing that only 8 percent of Americans who make a New Year's resolution actually keep them all year long," she said.

She says planning as well as creating reasonable and attainable goals are keys to success.

"You have to be realistic," she said. "You have to understand that losing weight is going to take time. It didn't come on overnight. It's not going to go away overnight."

According to the United Health Foundation, last year Kentucky and Indiana ranked in the top 10 for most unhealthy states.

Kentucky ranked last when it came to the percentage of adults who exercise -- something McGloshen says is important in a healthy lifestyle.

"A healthy lifestyle is not just eating better," McGloshen said. "It's not just including exercise. It's a spiritual -- it's a mind, and it's a physical whole kind of triangle aspect to it."

And if you happen to fall off the wagon, don't wait to jump back on.

"Start immediately after you realize you're getting further away from your goal," she said.

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