LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- University of Louisville public health students are working as contact tracers to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus. 

Maymie Owens is working up to 30 hours every week making important phone calls. She reaches out to people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and asks them a list of questions.  If it is determined someone they have been in contact with is at risk, she calls them too. Owens said this is a job she felt compelled to do.

"To be able to give back in any way is something I just want to do," Owens said. 

It is the same reason student Jeanine Bwenge signed up.

"I feel like I want to be safe in my own environment and on campus," Bwenge said. "We're all technically a family."

U of L has a contact tracing team made up of 11 workers.

"Sometimes, there are people that have like 10 or 20 or more that have been exposed during one day," said Sivarchana Mareedu, U of L's Contact Tracing Supervisor. "We do try to get to as many as we can."

Mareedu says the average number of contacts is one to two for a positive case.

On top of making sure COVID-19 patients and those at high-risk quarantine, they also make sure they have the resources to do so.

"You may not have family here, so who's going to get your groceries?" Owens said. "Or if you have medication, who's going to get you medication? So we try to take care of all that." 

It is job that can only be successful if those on the other line cooperate. 

According to online data, since August, U of L has tested more than 15,800 students, faculty and staff members. So far, there have been under 250 positive cases reported. 

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