LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The University of Louisville said its researchers found more than twice the rate of active COVID-19 infection during August compared to public numbers.

That research was conducted by UofL's Co-Immunity Project.


Researchers tested nearly 3,000 Jefferson County residents during the last week of August. The study said about 1.1% tested positive.

The reported rate from city-wide testing was 0.53%.

Scientists also said of vaccinated participants, 0.7% had an active infection. For unvaccinated participants, that number was 5%.

"These results highlight the steep rise in coronavirus infections in our community and provide a startling snapshot of the current state of the pandemic," Aruni Bhatnagar, director of the Envirome Institute, said in a statement. "Our estimates suggests that the number of infected individuals may be twice as high as that indicated in public records.

"Our work shows the vaccine is working as intended. Our population was almost 90% vaccinated, much higher than the 64% of fully vaccinated county residents. In the entire cohort, vaccinated people were over 12 times less likely to be infected compared with unvaccinated people. Though in our volunteer group, 65% of the active infections were in fully vaccinated individuals who had received the vaccine earlier this year. Most reported no or mild allergy-like symptoms and did not recognize that it may be a COVID infection thus did not think they needed to get tested."

The study placed the highest rate of infection in far southwestern Jefferson County. The highest rate of those recently having had an infection was in central southern Jefferson County.

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