Shermageddon-II is on the horizon. Transportation officials are close to deciding which plan will be used in the Sherman Minton renewal. Officials must leave bridge lanes open. The Sherman Minton is the main artery into Louisville. Financial viability of southern Indiana depends on a west end crossing. Traffic must be allowed to flow over the Sherman Minton, no matter how long it takes to repair the bridge.

"Keep that bridge open, sir. You are exactly right."

"There is absolutely no reason to shut a main artery into Louisville down. Ever."

"You cannot close the Sherman Minton Bridge down. There are people who cannot afford to pay the toll to cross the other bridge."

"For this to be a total shutdown of the Sherman Minton Bridge, I will vote anybody out of office, and I will tell everybody I know to vote those individuals on the Indiana side out, or the Kentucky side out. This is totally unacceptable."

"Shut it down and let's get the pain over with as quick as possible."

"Think of the people across the river. It would devastate their businesses. Please leave open lanes."  

"If they shut the Sherman Minton down totally it's completely out of greed, because they're gonna try to force people to use the toll bridges."