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Puma, Act 2

CRAWFORD | When it comes to Pass -- the running was good, the passing needs work

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The No. 3 trending Topic on Louisville Twitter after Monday night’s 35-17 loss to No. 9 Notre Dame was a single word: “Puma.”

The Louisville junior quarterback had them going and coming. He directed the Cardinals to a pair of touchdown drives and a 14-7 lead to open the game, running for a pair of touchdowns in the process.

He also fumbled three times and completed just 44 percent of his passes.

Pass was at once a more confident player, but not necessarily a more confident passer.

“I think in the running game he did a really good job,” Louisville coach Scott Satterfield said. “That puts pressure on the defense when your kid can run like that. And he had a lot of big runs, couple of touchdowns there. We've got to take care of the football, obviously. On one of them, he got hit kind of from behind. We've got to do a better job of ball security. We're predominantly, 99 percent of the time, catching shotgun snaps, and we fumbled one, an exchange on that. Freak deal. But I think overall, his running game was good. I think in the passing game, we've obviously got to get better.”

There were four or five dropped passes, which never help a quarterback who is trying to get into a rhythm. Satterfield shook his head when asked about them, noting that of the issues the Cards have had in practice all preseason, fumbles and dropping passes haven’t been far up the list.

“You add up drops and some of the bad throws, now that's why the completion percentage was off,” Satterfield said. “But our plan tonight was to try to get the ball down to these one-on-one matchups. It was tough. Those guys do a good job of covering. We've got to get free. The receivers have to make plays. Couple times, we had some guys open and we missed the throws. We're going to get better from that. We'll watch it on film. We'll grow from that in the passing game."

And Pass, regardless of his passing, has clearly grown. He was showing better recognition of defenses. And he was having fun.

A season ago, he looked like the game was drudgery. After his second TD run, a smile broke across his face.

The affinity his teammates have for him is clear. They rally to him when he does good things, and rally around him when he struggles. And they listen to him.

Satterfield has covered a lot of ground in his reclamation project with Pass. He knows he still has more to cover.

“Decision-making overall was pretty good,” Satterfield said. “Again, you go back to, are we making the right read? I thought it was pretty good for the most part. I remember maybe three or four times where it was probably the wrong read, but you can get away with that sometimes. But I think overall that was good. It was good in the running game. We make him make decisions in the run game just about every play really with our zone-read stuff. So he did a good job with that. We'll dive into more of that when we go back to look at the film. The way he ran the football is going to give us a chance as we move forward with this. We just got to do a better job. We got some guys on the outside who are good players, Tutu (Atwell), (Dez) Fitz(patrick), and Seth (Dawkins), we have to get those guys the ball."

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