LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The AAA’s Dare to Prepare program helps parents and teens navigate the “new driver” license process.

WDRB’s Keith Kaiser spent the morning with a AAA spokesperson to test his knowledge.

The program helps teens become aware of risk and how to manage it, learn about traffic safety issues, avoid negative outcomes and how to work with their parents.

The program also helps parents assess if their teen is ready to drive in a year or so, identify ways to work with their teen, understand their role as a model for their teen’s driving habits and behaviors, understand that parents are the ones in charge of this process.

A pre-permit course is designed to help parents & teens understand the learning to drive process, GDL licensing, insurance premium competitiveness, insurance policy coverage options and limits and more.

Click here to get connected to the AAA East Central Dare to Prepare program.

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