Courtesy Oscar Mayer Facebook page

(FOX NEWS) -- If it was ever your childhood dream to drive the Wienermobile, and you currently have no occupational and/or familial obligations that would prevent you from finally achieving that dream, Oscar Mayer has a proposition for you.

Fox News reports the Kraft Heinz-owned company recently announced that it will be taking applications for its next fleet of Wienermobile “hotdoggers” - aka drivers - through the end of the month. “We are currently accepting resumes through January 31st for a one-year position beginning in June,” reads an announcement posted online.

The job doesn’t only entail driving, either. According to the application, “hotdoggers” will be tasked with acting as their “own traveling public relations firm, organizing promotions and pitching TV, radio and print media,” presumably with the prospect of learning more about America’s favorite hot dog-shaped car.

Applicants should also have a BA or BS, “preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing.” Bilinguality is said to be a plus, as well.

Once hired, however, the company promises a competitive salary and a “company car guaranteed to turn heads.”

Past years’ versions of the application had stipulated that the job of “hotdogger” was reserved solely for graduating college students, though no stipulation appears to exist on the current posting. Oscar Mayer also didn't specify how many hotdoggers it would be hiring, though it does say on its website that there are currently six Wienermobiles traveling the country "at any given time."

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