(FOX NEWS) -- Pizza for breakfast?

Forget oatmeal or bacon and eggs. A recent survey shows that the majority of Americans (53 percent) would rather eat cold pizza for breakfast over more traditional and socially acceptable options, like cereal.

According to a report by Fox News, the survey was conducted by the staff of Slice, a mobile pizza-ordering app. They app polled thousands of its users to arrive at this conclusion, among other findings.

For instance, a survey of preferred toppings found that only 1 percent of Kansas residents would consider putting anchovies on pizza, while 63 percent of Delaware residents said they'd eat it on a pie.

Overall, however, a slim majority of Americans say there's no room for pineapple anywhere on a pizza. Although, with only 54 percent of respondents opposing the hotly contested topping, the statistic will likely prove useless in bolstering any arguments against pineapple-topped pies. Even Iceland's sitting president hates it.

Even Hawaiians weren't as passionate about the "Hawaiian" pizza, seeing as residents of four other states -- Oregon, Maine, California and Nevada -- had a stronger preference for the pie.

Other results indicate that people tend to prefer Neopolitan-style pies (cooked in coal or wood ovens) to those baked in gas ovens, and that cola is the preferred beverage to enjoy with a slice (over lemon-lime sodas, root beer, orange, ginger ale, cherry and cream soda).

However, one finding remains clear: The breakfast-pizza market remains largely untapped.

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