LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police in Texas have arrested a suspect after two men were found shot to death in an apartment near Bowman Field last week.

Aaron Hernandez, 23, was arrested in Fayette County, Texas on Jan. 20. He is awaiting extradition to Louisville where he faces two charges of murder and tampering with physical evidence in connection with the deaths of 30-year-old Joshua Rice and 31-year-old David Kandelaki at the apartment complex on Abigail Drive.

LMPD said Hernandez used to be in a romantic relationship with Rice, and according to documents obtained by WDRB News, Rice filed a request for a protection order against Hernandez on Jan. 10, just over a week before the bodies were found. The request paints a picture of Hernandez as a man who was stalking and spying on his ex-lover.

In that filing, Rice stated that he and Hernandez had recently broken up after living together as boyfriends in a romantic relationship. 

After the breakup, Rice said he had been stalked by Hernandez in various ways. He said that on Christmas Eve, Hernandez showed up on his doorstep and begged Rice to let him in, When he did, Rice said Hernandez stole his house key and admitted to putting at least three cameras in his living room "to see what I was doing."

On New Year's Eve, Rice said he found Hernandez drunk at a local bar and told him to get in the car with him, "because he did not need to drive." Rice said he refused, and Rice left.

"Aaron ended up at my home, still drunk, banging on my door and being loud," Rice wrote in the filing. "I let him in because he was so drunk and I wanted him to quiet down. Aaron became very handsy and I asked him to leave and go home next door. He refused after my numerous requests, and I had to literally pry him from around my neck and move him towards the door."

Days later, on Jan. 8, Rice said he had been messaging someone on a dating site, and Hernandez contacted him to tell him that the person Rice was messaging was, in fact, him. Rice said Hernandez admitted to creating a fake profile in order to communicate with Rice.

Rice said that on Jan. 9, Hernandez began following him in his car.

"I drove [a] different route and [was] driving fast to get away from him," Rice wrote in the filing. "I was scared that I was going to get or cause an accident because my focus was on getting away from Aaron, who was riding my bumper closely. I drove toward the J-Town police, hoping to cause him to leave me alone. I ended up losing him."

Rice went on to say that on Jan. 10, Hernandez, without his permission, sold a vehicle that they both shared to a dealership. Rice said he had to go to the dealership and buy the car back, which caused him "financial strain."

He filed the request for the protection order against Hernandez later that day, according to the filing. A representative of the court told WDRB News that the court had not yet decided to grant the request, when the bodies were found.

The request would have been heard by a judge on Wednesday.

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