LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Central Avenue is nothing more now than a way to get us under the Twin Spires to watch history in May.

"Central Avenue is all business now," Shawn Stevens said.

Sometimes, in the middle of the Louisville native's workday, Stevens said he still daydreams about the street not far from his home on Derby Eve, decades ago.

"There's a lot of days I sit here and reminisce," he said.

The memories are so vivid he can almost still smell the stale beer. It was the 1990s, AC/DC was blaring, acid wash jeans were in, and the party was on.

"People left and right, all the way down the street, were having parties in the front yard," Stevens said.

He and his buddies had the time of their lives.

"We went and got a keg of beer and put it in the back of a little pull wagon," Stevens said with a smile. "We were selling beers for a buck a cup out of a wagon."

The beers, bands and food were a staple in his life. Same goes for other rowdier people too. A former police captain recalled when things got out of control in 1990.

"It was an accident waiting to happen," he told WDRB News. "They tried turning over a police car. The officers were terribly outnumbered. The No. 1 complaint we had was people urinating in the yard."

Thompson worked with his force to calm it down. Officers formed teams, outlawed glass and quadrupled the amount of Porta Potties.

It worked for years until Central Avenue got bigger, and the party finally fizzled. It was a bummer for Stevens, but he'll always have the memories of living it up, "Derby-style."

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