LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Some Republican lawmakers in Kentucky think big corporations are “greedy,” that money doesn’t always trickle down to workers at the bottom of the pay scale, that poor people ought to be protected from making bad decisions, and that at least one sort of business tax should go up.

Those were some of the takeaways from the lengthy debates on the House and Senate floors in Frankfort last week as the legislature considered SB 120, the bill to legalize thousands of slot-like gaming machines in the state.

Lawmakers ultimately approved the bill, a rare instance in which Republican leaders relied on Democrats to help get a measure across the finish line because of opposition within their own caucuses.

“It was not a nasty debate, it was very passionate, but very respectful, because they are Republicans who agree on most issues, but they disagreed on this one,” WDRB political reporter Lawrence Smith says on the most recent episode of Uncovered, our news podcast.

On the show, Smith and I review some of the most interesting moments from the debates, including conservative lawmakers’ differing views on how to alleviate poverty, foster good-paying jobs and whether to legislate morality.

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