CLERMONT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crowds of people could be found spread throughout Bernheim Forest on Tuesday in stark contrast to the scene at the popular attraction one year ago, when it was closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, with nicer weather in the forecast and declining COVID-19 cases, more and more people are visiting each day.

"Last year, we were actually closed because COVID had just kind of hit and we were following science and wanted to make sure it was safe to open before we let people gather here," said Amy Landon, a spokesperson for Bernheim Forest.

This spring Bernheim Forest is allowing more people into the park than it has in months past. It's also opening up events, activities and guided programs.

"It's a really nice day," said Linda Harper, who was visiting Tuesday. "A lot to see."

Administrators feel confident that visitors will be safe.

"Being in outdoor spaces is safer than being in indoor spaces," Landon said. "We are still enforcing social distancing, masks, all of those things."

Visitors are required to social distance and wear masks when not in a group of family members. Masks and social distancing are also required when in a guided program.

Those at the forest Tuesday said the restrictions put them at ease.

"There's a lot of people here today, but they're being very conscious of keeping distance from each other," Jennifer Organ said. "We felt safe and enjoyed our time."

There is a full schedule of events listed at Some of the activities include wildflower walks, forest family hikes, homeschool hikes, Saturday and Saturday nature walks, and several other programs.

Bernheim Forest said it's excited to be able to safely greet people back to the property as it gets warmer.

"All these people outside enjoying nature and just getting outside with their families is just fantastic to see," Landon said.

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