LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Heaven Hill Distillery is headed into the future by honoring its past.

Following completion of Phase One of a multimillion-dollar renovation project, the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown now has three tasting rooms, each one representing a story from Heaven Hill's past. They're all positioned around a giant barrel, where visitors can watch a video about how barrels are made.

The tasting rooms include: the Fitzgerald Room, a Library and the Founders Room. 

Heaven Hill also released renderings of Phase Two of the $17.5 million renovation and expansion. Phase Two will include exhibits detailing the history of the Elijah Craig and Larceny brands, a "You Do Bourbon" lab where guests learn how to become quality technicians, and a new rooftop restaurant.

Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center Phase One - You Do Bourbon Space'

Pictured: visualization of a "You Do Bourbon" immersive space being built as part of Phase Two of a multimillon renovation of the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown. In this space, guests will be invited into a classroom style tasting room where a host will guide them through a tasting of unique products. (Heaven Hill Distillery)

The Bourbon Heritage Center opened in 2004, and the multi-year renovation project was announced in November 2018. According to a news release, the investment will expand production capacity and modernize Bardstown's facilities. 

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