LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's been a while since "Deano Paladino" hit the airwaves.

His show on "WYOU" sounds like something you'd hear on your grandparent's old radio.

"Hello baby dolls and daddios," said DJ Deano, whose off-air name is Dean Hill, as he started his "broadcast."

But there's no spot on the dial where you can listen to it. The toe tapping, hand clapping jams the smooth DJ talks up are for a live audience only.

Deano is a senior living DJ. He's responsible for "Happy Hour" at Atria Springdale in Louisville and several other Louisville long term care facilities. He usually sets up in the lobby.

"This lady came over and she said it like this, how much damn Bingo do they think we can play?" Hill said with a smile.

He puts together the hits of a generation. The King, the Twist and more are all played.

"It takes me back to my younger days," said Atria resident Mary Hatfield.

Hill knows exactly what to turn up to get the seniors busting a move and singing.

"God bless the ones that are starting to have issues with being able to remember," Hill said. "They may not know what they did this morning, but I'll see them over there singing the lyrics to 'Shake, rattle, and roll.'"

Everyone who walks into Atria every day worked so hard for the shot of energy and the masked smiles the radio show gave them. The feel good music faded not long ago.

"I was in 25 different facilities before COVID-19, and then March the 11th I was in none," Hill explained.

COVID targeted the shared home and others like it across the Commonwealth and the country.

"At my age, if I got it, it might be very serious, I might not recover from it," Hatfield said.

Case counts caused concern. Isolation was the only option. Loneliness was inevitable. After months and months, the tune finally changed.

"You see the steam come off the top of this pressure can that they've been under for so long," said Hill.

DJ Deano brought the happy back to the "Happy Hour."

"It's truly a blessing," Hill said.

It marked the end of the pandemic on the kind of note the strong, resilient residents deserved.

"We've waited a long, long time," said Hatfield.

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