LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB is making an effort to bring you good news.

Headlines that make the news are usually about crime and violence, but our  station has assigned anchor Chris Sutter the job of bringing good news to our viewers. The stories of human kindness, quirky individuals and the people that "keep Louisville weird." 

So we are spotlighting some of our favorite WDRB Positive stories from 2021. 

Flower Bandit

Mysterious drop-offs, with no real explanation. The Next Door App went wild in Audubon Park. We caught the incognito deliverer, in the act.

"In other places, people come up on your porch to steal something, here in Audubon Park they leave flowers," said the man of mystery now known as the "Flower Bandit."

His actual identity is a secret, but his mission is crystal clear. He delivers flowers -- like it's Valentine's Day or the day after your man got put in the doghouse -- to people he's never met.

The return of “happy hour”

Where words fail, music speaks. And it's just the medicine a local DJ knew people beat up by COVID needed.

It's been a while since "Deano Paladino" hit the airwaves. His show on "WYOU" sounds like something you'd hear on your grandparent's old radio.

But there's no spot on the dial where you can listen to it. The toe tapping, hand clapping jams the smooth DJ talks up are for a live audience only.

Friends forever

Think back to high school. How many of your high school friends do you still talk to? Dozens of Louisville classmates called each other "friends forever" years ago and still do today.

The formative four years of life are hard for her and her classmates to forget. They're all known as the Class of '58, Butler High School's first graduating group of students.

They wrote the school song and made choices that have lasted through every graduating class over the past six decades.

The house built by the “girls of summer”

When you think of sports in the Hoosier state, you think of basketball. One small southern Indiana town has always preferred baseball. It's certainly earned it's place in the history books of the beloved game.

It's where "A League of Their Own," a classic 1990s movie set in the post-World War II era. Stars like Tom Hanks, Madonna and Geena Davis were stars of the movie -- and so were many locals. 

Filming went from July to Labor Day in 1991. It's no secret the movie was big hit when it was released in 1992 and continues to leave an impact today.

Welcome to Sellersburg sign becomes butt of jokes

Signs direct us, inform us, and greet us. But, when something is off with one of them, people notice fast.

Sellersburg Town President Brad Amos and the rest of his team thought a nice big sign along Highway 311 should do the trick.

They thought it sounded good and looked good, but then, they got on social media and realized placement of the sign is everything.

Seinfeld Music Guy

You hear the theme, and immediately know where it comes from. Meet the Louisville native responsible for the sound of Seinfeld.

It may have taken place in New York, but ask the people who walk the streets of Louisville about the best TV show of all time, and a lot of them say, "Seinfeld."

A major player on the show lives in Louisville. Jonathan Wolff calls himself the "Seinfeld music guy."

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