LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's been programmed into our brains, that one day robots will run the world.

"I remember when I was a kid, and I would see things like that," said Jordan Colella, a junior at UK. "I would kind of think it's unrealistic, way too far into the future."

That day is sort of here, at least at the University of Kentucky.

"I love the robots," Colella said. "You kind of treat them like animals, you give them little pats while they're walking by."

"You'll watch them just going by, doing their own thing. I think they're kind of cute," added Nidhi Patl, a sophomore at UK.

The fleet of robots hits the streets daily, delivering when students are looking for a bite.

"We do upwards of 300 orders a day," said Lee Mitchell with UK.

It starts with the Grub Hub + app, continues with a stop at one of a dozen campus restaurants, some weird looks from newer students, crosswalks, and then it reaches a hungry or thirsty student.

"I was studying for exams, and I was like I don't have time to walk and go get food," said Rachel Poston, a sophomore at UK. "I can sit here and order it."

Each robot is built to prevent spills, and stop before being crushed by a car.

"It is watching everything around it," Mitchell said. "It is locked and secure, so no one can get to your food, but you."

Mitchell said it doesn't cost UK students more to have the robot deliver food. If you have a student at Purdue, the robots also deliver there.

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