Medicaid threatens to halt payment for services at Campbellsville nursing home

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Families in Campbellsville are worried as rumors fly around that The Grandview nursing home will close.

Staff at The Grandview are still working with lawyers and owners and will not provide an official statement until they have a plan in place. But as family members are hearing about the possibility of closing soon, they're preparing to find new homes for their loved ones.

The 81-bed nursing and rehabilitation facility in Campbellsville is getting kicked out of the Medicare program for failing to meet health and safety regulations. The first termination notice was filed Aug. 1, stating Medicare funding would end as of Aug. 12. However, a new termination notice filed Thursday clarified that funding would now end Sept. 16.

The uncertainty is overwhelming for Janet Peake's father, who has dementia and lives at The Grandview.

"He called Saturday, crying, wanting to know if we would know where to find him," Peake said.

This started when the state surveyed the nursing home in April and listed several violations. Then in July, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services visited, resulting in a 173-page report, which can be read below:

"A lot of it, you can tell, is the exact same thing reported word for word every day," said Gail Merritt, who's mother lives at The Grandview.

Many of the complaints revolve around a few unnamed patients, citing abuse, neglect and poorly trained staff members. The Grandview was then surveyed three more times in August by CMS, each time documenting violations.

Many family members, including Peake and Merritt, are confused by the reports because they have had wonderful experiences at the nursing home and with the staff.

"I have no complaints at all," Peake said. "Me and my family members are in and out every day, two to three times a day. And it's all been good."

Medicare will be pulled from the facility Sept. 16. But the nursing home still has the decision to close or stay open for privately paying residents.

"We were private pay," Merritt said. "So we were under the understanding that we might get to stay while they were working all this out. But now we found out she's not going to be able to stay either."

As a result, families are left wondering what they need to do next, preparing for The Grandview to close. Merritt and Peake said they have called and researched other facilities, but they all have waiting lists.

"It's just awful. It's really bad," Merritt said. "Because this is the best place I've seen around here for fifty miles."

According to the CMS notice, The Grandview is being fined $8,444 each day it is not compliant. CMS is also requiring The Grandview to provide a written plan for relocating residents. If the facility fails to provide one, it could face up to $100,000 fine. The Grandview must also provide a written notice if it intends to close.

You can read the most-recent termination notice below.

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