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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In a somber news conference Monday evening, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear blasted Louisville Metro Police officers for failing to activate body cameras during an overnight shooting that took the life of well-known Louisville barbecue operator, David McAtee.

"It is unacceptable that the officers that responded last night did not have body cameras on and recording," Beshear said. "This is the entire reason that we have these cameras."

McAtee was shot to death near the corner of South 26th Street and West Broadway after police said someone fired at officers and they returned fire. McAtee was killed in the exchange. Shortly before Beshear's news conference, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said he had fired LMPD Chief Steve Conrad after it was learned no officers recorded body camera footage of the incident.

"It's not OK," Beshear said. "And to a community that needs to heal and certainly see great change, this was not something that we should have seen today."

Beshear also criticized what he said was the police department's claim that the investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor would take months. Taylor was a former EMT who was shot and killed while police were serving a "no-knock" warrant.

He said the investigation into McAtee's death would be done in an expeditious way.

"It is going to be done in an honest and transparent way that will not take months," he said. "We are going to respond to this incident better. My pledge is that we are going to give you the truth, no matter what the truth is and no matter what it makes any group look like."

To the protesters who are expected to be on the streets Monday night, Beshear had a word of caution.

"Please be safe," Beshear said. "I know the tensions are high. I can't feel the depths of frustration, but it doesn't change that I want everybody to be safe. I don't want anyone else to be hurt."

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